It’s been three years since my last post and can I say Wow has life changed! Better yet how life has changed in the last year! But one thing hasn’t change I still love creating art and creating art with kids , (although the latter in on hold)

Stay inspired.

Stay safe…let’s reconnect.


Spring Cleaning

Spring is here. It’s a time for new beginnings and that’s what I am doing with WordPress.  I don’t know about you but with all this social media, blogger, facebook, instagram,.. Yada Yada Yada! It is overwhelming and some sites get lost in the mix. So, I have streamlined and in doing so, I have re-committed myself to being a regular contributor on wordpress because…..


So, I am kicking if off with some exciting news.


 Last year I had a blast painting in the botanical gardens and parks.  This year, I am doing it again, with a twist. You’re invited to come along with me. I’ll announce in my newsletter where I’ll be, the time and location.

Come join me in painting, for lunch or just saying hi.

I am about to announce my first stop on this tour which will be in two weeks.

Why am I doing this?????????

There is so much negativity and stress in people’s live today,  I just want to create a place where we can come together and enjoy nature, tap into our creative side and maybe have a few laughs..evening if it just for an afternoon. Let’s create that space for each other, go to my website and join my email list and lets have get our creativity on.

Here’s my website


Day at the Children’s Museum

I love my job! I feel fortunate to be able to teach art and create art with children.  I get to spend my days with the kids who range in age from 18 months to 5 years old in class. In open studio I can get the older kids. But Everyday I enter their world of imagination and creativity and everyday I feel reborn and inspired. Sometimes we talk… but the moments I cherish the most is sitting next to them painting side by side without a spoken word.

Inner Critic You/re Out of Here

The imagination journal has really helped me to loosen up and feel comfortable with just letting go, trusting the process and having the confidence in myself. Plus creating with the children at the museum has help too!  They are so free spirited! It’s amazing how infectious their joy!

And good things are happening in my art as a result.

Book of Imagination: Inspiration from the Strangest Place

So I am staring at this blank page…wondering where do I start. For years, I have been painting what I see in front of me…a still life…a tree…a scene. To start from a blank page isn’t so easy..Where do people get their ideas? From a dream? A vision?  It seems overwhelming. So, I stop to remind myself I am doing this  to stretch my creativity and imagination. So when I draw that tree…..or that landscape… I’m freer in my approach.

I was riding the subway in New York City…Nothing……so I decided that I’ll just make a mark….but this was a bumpy ride and the straight line turn into a rough odd looking line…. A there it was….. My inspirations. HMMMM!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

What The ??????

When I started the idea of the imagination journal… I thought everything would go smoothly and nicely.. I have done several smaller drawing where I have been practicing letting go.

THEN this one emerged?

What the???????


I have to say I was unsettled….I was thinking this is creepy! This is sick…..Then I realize I’m not going to judge this process… because if I do than I going to kill the process. Literally. What comes up comes up…..and some of it will not be pretty!


Texture Trees

I am an artist who loves to draw, paint and photograph trees.  I have a deep love and spiritual connection to trees ever since I was a kid. For the past few months, I have been experimenting with different materials. I absolutely love drawing! Starting a new journal and will be posting my images soon!

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