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About Lynn Logan Roselli

One of my favorite children books was Jonathan Livingston Seagull, an adventurous spiritual journey. To me that’s art! Art offers me that journey, a chance to depart from the real world and let my imagination run free. It feels like mediation in motion asking me to suspend judgment, encouraging me to see what emerges, and to listen to my gut instincts. It is my own spiritual quest.

What The ??????

When I started the idea of the imagination journal… I thought everything would go smoothly and nicely.. I have done several smaller drawing where I have been practicing letting go.

THEN this one emerged?

What the???????


I have to say I was unsettled….I was thinking this is creepy! This is sick…..Then I realize I’m not going to judge this process… because if I do than I going to kill the process. Literally. What comes up comes up…..and some of it will not be pretty!


Texture Trees

I am an artist who loves to draw, paint and photograph trees.  I have a deep love and spiritual connection to trees ever since I was a kid. For the past few months, I have been experimenting with different materials. I absolutely love drawing! Starting a new journal and will be posting my images soon!

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A New Journey

It is always exciting to get a new sketchbook. It makes me feel like a kid again…excited. All the possibilities…I begin to envision how I want my book to turn out and think is it going to be full of trees? full of people? pen or ink only? or am I going to do something new.

Well this is a new type of sketchbook for me. It’s a book I simply call  “The Book of Imagination”.

I know all art involves imagination.. but this is different. I am allowing my mind to roam free..only using a small hint of reality as a jumping point.

I must say…it wasn’t easy starting this book.. My first entry here was based heavily on what I am comfortable in drawing and finding myself trying out my own version of Zentangles.

My second drawing again..the same thing.. But something was different… I was willing to take more liberties.

Now, I beginning to believe if I practice just letting go…my imagination will emerge even stronger.

I invite you to take this journey with me. I think it would be fun! You can share your thoughts, your comments, your pictures, or your own sketchbook. If take the journey, please leave your link and I will be sure to follow.

Will be posting my third sketch soon!


Today, I learned that a good friend had passed away in her sleep. She was a kind, gentle, loving person who touched a lot of lives with her ministry. I went to the Botanical Garden because nature is my sanctuary and the solitude gave me the space I needed to reflect on our friendship. I am grateful she came into my life, for her encouragement to follow my heart, her support during some of my most challenging times. She will be greatly missed and sometimes I just wonder how I will go on without her in my life…but I know life goes won’t be the same..but I will carry her spirit in my heart

  Thank you Kathryn!

Winter Paintings…How do you start?

The weather has been up and down in NCY. It’s been warm then cold then warm again. But I want to try some winter paintings this year…if we ever get blessed with snow.

I love winter paintings and I have seen some beautiful ones. I want to try but am.unsure how to go about it? I don’t personally like drawing from a photo. I have never been any good at making the adjustments. I have sat in the car but feel cramped and eventually COLD! How do other artist do it?  Should I  get warmer clothes or just get over my apprehension of painting from a photo?


Fall…my favorite season. I was at the the Bayard Arboretum …it was a beautiful 60 degrees.

The tree I had started to paint was full of green leaves…. now it completely changed.  The leaves are gone. Funny how fast tree’s will change over a 2 week period.

The leaves in the Bayard Arboretum are gorgeous this year. Vibrant yellows, reds, orange, greens and browns.

So I captured them in my camera.